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We are a BSCI Audited, SEDEX socially Compliant entity and ISO 9001:2008 certified, as per which we have mandatorily implemented stringent No child labor policies in our establishment. All employees are entitled to health, retirement benefits, and accident insurance, and women are not only entitled to maternity leave and benefits, but are also paid equally as their male counterparts. Providing a safe and healthy environment for our workers, where nutrition needs are met and health costs are covered and the poor, especially the women and minorities are empowered and provided equal-work opportunities; is crucial towards the functioning of our establishment.
You can rest assured that with every purchase you make, you are contributing towards global issues like eradicating poverty, empowering women, promoting education and enabling community building exercises amongst the less-fortunate class of society. That’s the change you bring!
So buying a Koza product is a special occasion; you can buy something nice for yourself and also contribute towards a better equitable world (we think that’s fair). The workshops have undergone Japanese “Supplier Code of Conduct 2007 (COC)” examination and safety standards audit under the umbrella of the United Nations Global Impact Association which have ensured clean, organized and secure working conditions. The principles enshrined in the COC certification make it compulsory to conduct training and physical drills to equip the workers and employees with the necessary aptitude and capability to gage unforeseen situations in the event of any hazardous natural or man-made calamity. It enables them to plan for future contingencies thus not rendering them incapacitated. As of now, under the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium scale Enterprises’ initiative of India; the company is undergoing a Lean manufacturing Competency program to further reduce wastage and overproduction. The traditional Japanese 5S concept namely:-
· Sort
· Set aside
· Standardize
· Shine
· Sustain
Are the guiding pillars serving as a guarantee for total quality Management and a holistic Six Sigma approach towards the finished product. In a nutshell, Good quality working conditions begets good quality products. At a time when the world sorely needs us to adopt eco-friendly means to satiate our needs, Koza has advocated the use of organic tanning mechanisms comprised of a combination of synthetic tanning agents and natural vegetable extracts devoid of harmful chemicals leading to minimization of energy and water consumption. The sourcing of raw materials is entirely done from a select few REACH Compliant suppliers conforming to certain checks and balances, with a substantially reduced carbon footprint and water emissions which are later recycled in a centralized purification facility in the tanneries.
By choosing us, you are not only promoting manufacturing with respect to the environment, but also helping the growth of various stakeholders which include our employees, our suppliers, our tanners and several manufacturing organizations. Sustainability is the key to responsible manufacturing.


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