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About Us

Who We Are ?

C-secure is a Dutch Based Company offering a wide range of smart, safe and stylishly designed cardholders and wallets,
each of which is skimsafe and equipped with a patented mechanism that provides easy access to cards. The cardholders
are made of durable aluminium.
The products are sold worldwide on international trade fairs, airports, in bookshops, in leather and luxury goods shops,
gift shops and so on.
BLC is the official distributor and seller of C-secure items in India.

Innovation Since 2013

C-secure wallets protect your money
The way in which we pay has changed significantly.
Goodbye cash, hello cards.
Today, we use cards to make virtual payments: fast, smooth and safe. But, is it really that safe? How safe are your debit, credit or ID cards when you pay in a shop or when you walk around town? Fact is that your RFID-cards are not protected against skimming. Any malicious person with a wireless reader can copy your data without you even noticing it, if they
can come close. According to digital security experts, it takes just seconds of distraction to get skimmed.

What we need today is a wallet that is skim-safe and designed to last.
Team BLC has always been a product first Company which has identified and introduced innovative solutions in the accessories market. We believe that in today’s hyper functional age, the need for security in transactional operation is paramount. Therefore keeping pace with contemporary consumer requirements, we are introducing this product to the Indian Market.
Our Sourcing Team recognizes the importance of saving time and money in a safe and hassle free process and therefore has a keen eye for products with functional aesthetics that help in simplifying our lives.

Skimsafe and stylish

If you are looking for a wallet that protects your money; look no further. All our wallets offer RFID protection.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

We use innovative technology that guards your cards against skimming. The aluminium interior of our products blocks any radio waves so skimmers cannot get through to your cards. C-secure is the perfect solution when you are looking for a cardholder with RFID protection.

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